Prince's Trust

Who are they?

They are a charitable organisation that believe that every young person should have the chance to embrace exciting opportunities. So, they help 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school to transform their lives.

How it works.

Unemployed people aged 16-25 Join Team, The Prince's Trust 12-week personal development programme, for the chance to gain new skills, take a qualification and meet new people.

They are challenged to:

Take part in an action packed residential trip.

Get two weeks' work experience in something they're interested in.

Develop their English and Maths skills

Take on their own group community project, making a positive difference to the place where they live.

The community project is how we have benefited. Each team look at a number of different projects and then discuss and agree who they are going to help. They also raise money in order to help deliver the project.

What work have they undertaken here?

Team 350

Team 350 did not select us for their project but they liked us enough to come back for a day in July 2018 anyway! They worked really hard helping us to clear the area of bushes growing under the offices/community room windows. They also gave us £50.00 of their fund raising to help our Site Manager, Mrs Bond, hire a small digger to make the rest of the job easier. Mrs Bond attended the celebration event at the end of her programme and found listening to how far people had come during the programme very inspiring.

Team 363

We were lucky that Team 363 elected to work here for 2 weeks on their community project during October 2017. Perhaps it was the school lunches provided by Mrs Hill that persuaded them!

Once again the team worked so hard helping us to complete the work on our new learning zone. They worked with our Site Manager, Mrs Bond, and helped paint some tyre planters, erect our poly tunnel and built additional planters for the children to use. This work has made a huge improvement to the front of the school. More importantly it has had a huge impact on the learning and confidence of the children that use the zone to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs etc. The children work alongside members of Friends of Marsh Park, which has been a really successful community partnership. You can read more about this on our learning zone page.

Team 363 had their celebration event here at the school with members of Prince's Trust, West Midlands Police and Wolverhampton College who all help run the programme. Parents and friends of the team members were also here. It was a very moving night to listen to everyone talk about what they had learnt, how scared and nervous they were starting the programme, and just how much it had boosted their skills and confidence. Mr Jones, Mrs Parsons and Mrs Bond felt privileged to be asked to attend and honoured to be thanked by the team members for their welcome here at the school.

This is what it looks like 6 months in April 2018 after we returned from Easter holidays.

We will hopefully be able to welcome another team on site at some point in the future.

Our next project...

The next Prince's Trust Team to visit site will be here on 3rd July. We are going to try and persuade them to spend 1 week of their 2 week project here at Brockmoor. We would like to develop the land to the right of the drive as you come through the main entrance. We will update you more if they select us!

Team 381

We were lucky enough to secure the help of team 381, eventually!

The team were onsite the last 2 weeks of July and helped to weed and level the area of land down the drive. They built a retaining wall from sleepers to help with this. It was really hard work and was undertaken during some of the hottest weeks of the year. They were not able to complete everything in that time but their efforts have not gone unnoticed by pupils and parents.. 

They held their presentation evening here and we were once again so impressed by everything the team had acheived. We learnt a few new things about some of them when they gave their speeches. We were also treated to a dance routine by one of them to end the night. A superb evening was had by all!

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