You make the difference! Please google 'Still Face Experiment'.

Never underestimate the importance you play in your child's development. During our recent training we were shown the most astonishing three minutes of footage I've seen in years. It shows just how important you are in your child's development. I'd implore you to 'Google' 'Still Face Experiment', watch the video and spend less than three minutes of your time thinking about the impact interaction (or the lack of it) with a young child makes. It's a lesson to us all and I hope that the next time you walk your child to school and greet them at the school gate the mobile phone is switched off and you are there for them. I know we all live in a digital era and that this has many advantages - just don't let technology get between you and your child!

School funding in crisis

Whilst all areas of public sector working face inevitable cuts in their funding the spurious headlines pumped out by the Department for Education about school funding being at their highest ever levels are at best disingenuous at worst bordering on Shakespearean farce. Had it not been for us cutting aspects of school work to the bone, a large rebate from our water utility provider for historical overcharging and us reluctantly taking 39 children into Nursery after Easter (we'd prefer to limit the numbers to 30 so as to give every child even more attention) we would have been looking at losing staff this Easter.

This is not alarmist propaganda. If you actually look at the percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product - the sums of money the UK both raises and spends) spending on education is hurtling towards the lowest point seen since the 1950's. If you want to know the true picture of the funding crisis in education please Google ''. It may not be too late to make a difference. By taking a few moments to email your MP it may apply enough pressure for the government to change tack on a number of initiatives planned in the budget update planned for March 8th. You can find out who your MP is and their email address by visiting 'TheyWorkForYou/MP'. If we stand by and do nothing then nothing will change. If we do something then something might just happen.

Bounce4U Taster sessions

On a much more upbeat note Year 1 have already had their Bounce4U taster sessions and these have proved very popular with the children. On the afternoon of Monday 6th and the morning of Tuesday 7th it's the turn of Year 2. We've added all of the dates to the calendar pencil on the homepage. The Bounce4U team hope to offer a Saturday morning club in school after Easter for both Brockmoor children and children from other settings.

Parent Governor required - your school needs you!

I'd like to formally welcome Joanne Spence to our governing body. Joanne has been an active member of our Parent Voice for some years and was the parent who first muted the idea of a 'Rising Stars' assembly half-way through the school year.

We do have one more vacancy for a Parent Governor. If you'd be interested in finding out more about how you could have say in every Brockmoor child's future please pop into school and talk to Mrs Jones, Mrs Blunt or myself.

Apologies for the number of MUFTI days!

One of the inevitable effects of our shrinking budget is that we can no longer afford to subsidise trips and visitors into school as a reward for the outstanding efforts made by so many of our children. I do apologise for the number of MUFTIs that have taken place recently and we will try to stagger them better in the future.

Open Evening and sharing targets with you

A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who attended Wednesday's target setting meetings with teachers. We view these meetings as absolutely vital in terms of our partnership with you. I will be asking the handful of parents who missed both the autumn and spring meetings to make an appointment with teachers over the coming weeks.

The Brockmoor App - improving communication between school and home

Thank you to all those parents who have now signed up for our School App. If you have an Android or i-phone device and haven't done so yet please pop into school and we'll help you get it downloaded and running.

Naming the teddy bears and toy sale on behalf of our School Council

A massive thank you to all the children who took part in the teddy bear naming competition before half-term. The winning children were: Alisha in Reception for correctly guessing 'Misty's' name. Danielle in Year 1 correctly guessed 'Finley's' name. Danish correctly guessed 'Mittons' in Year 2. In Year 3 Louis correctly chose 'Rosie' as the name of the bear. Elise in Year 4 got 'Geoff's' name whilst Sabah in Year 5 got 'Harry' spot-on and Liam in Y6 spotted 'Frank'.

The after school toy sale went really well and we're hoping to repeat the activity in early December; the idea being that it might affordably top up a few Christmas stockings!

Year 6 and secondary schooling

By now Year 6 parents and carers should have received an email informing you of the decision made about where your child will be moving onto in September. Inevitably not everyone gets their first choice but we do hope as many of you as possible are happy with the outcome.

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