Our charity work

We have got involved in numerous events both locally, nationally and even internationally!! Here are the most recent thing sthat we have been up to:

Toilet Twinning in Africa

This was part of some work undertaken by Mr Walters in talking to the children about looking after the facilities we have here and how lucky we are compared to some communities elsewhere.

This led to the children wanting to help some of these communities be improving the toilets that they can access.

We donate via an organisation called Toilet Twinning and have so far sponsored 6 toilets all together. Our Year 6 Prefects collect money every Friday from any pupil who wishes to donate. Over the course of time we have donated enough to build 6 toilets in Africa. 

Photos of the first two toilets we twinned with can be found in the foyer. Our most recent donation allowed us to sponsor another area in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This time we were able to sponsor 4 toilets through the generosity of our pupils! Have a look at the work the charity undertake by following the link below:

Beads of Courage and Birmingham Children's Hospital

We've now closed the fundraising for Beads of Courage and Birmingham Children's Hospital. We had hoped to raise £500, but you have been amazing and the final figure stands at £5,021! This is the thank you email we received from the 'Be child cancer aware' team:

"You are doing so well with the fundraising and getting the word out there. It is amazing, well done. We love beads of courage and are so committed to it, as we see the positive impact the beads have on the children. We have a super special bead, that isn't given out in the hospital called the wingman bead. As you probably know, a wingman flies along side a fighter pilot during difficult battles, to help protect and defend them. The pilot knows at these times his wingman has his back. We thought it would be lovely if we could send you one as a thank you for all you have done, so you can present it to your little fighter pilot, from yourself/the school to add to his beads. He would know you were his wingman and you have his back".

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