Are you interested in becoming a Governor?

Why be a governor?

If you read the 'Who are we' page you can find our why each of our existing governors got involved. One thing we all agree is that we want the best for each and every child at Brockmoor Primary. Being able to ask the right questions of school leaders is key to this role but you do not need a background in education. In fact our diverse skills and life experience is exactly what makes us effective! We all find being a governor challenging but it is extremely rewarding and we feel we make a difference for our children.

A recent analogy describes the Governing Body as:

The manager is the expert and has been found by the Owners to get the best out of the club. The manager finds the best coaches who can help make the players the best at what they do. They decide what the rules are for the players, manage the day-to-day/operational side of things, decides on strategy/tactics. Works closely with the coaching team to make sure everything is running well…that the players turn up to practice and are doing everything they can t make sure they perform well. THE HT IS THE MANAGER

The Coaches are well trained, highly motivated, experts, specialists, put in a brilliant performance whenever they are at work because the players look to them as an example. They were all players once so know how it works…some of them are experts in defence, some are strikers but they all work together to make sure the players are the best they can be. THE STAFF ARE THE COACHES

Football clubs have boards. The board appoint the manager, set targets with the manager, oversee the finances, ensure the best use of resources, provide challenge & support, not necessarily football experts, ambitious for success etc etc. THE GOVERNORS ARE THE BOARDS/OWNERS

Then, if you ask a football club who are the most important people, what do they say? The PLAYERS! You desperately want them to come, work really hard on practice and the match - and at the end of the match, whether they have won or not, know they have done the best they could for themselves and the team. THE CHILDREN/STUDENTS ARE THE PLAYERS.

Then there is another group – the supporters. They turn up every week, cheering the team on, wanting them to do well. Even if things aren’t going too well they are there…on the sidelines….cheering and singing. They are really proud of their team and the team work very hard because they want the supporters to be proud. THE PARENTS/CARERS AND THE COMMUNITY ARE THE SUPPORTERS


What are governors?

There are currently 4 types of serving School Governors:

Staff Governor

A school staff member who has been elected by the staff.

Parent Governor

A parent of a child(ren) that is currently attending the school and has been elected by the parents.

Co-opted Governor

Someone appointed by the school from the wider community to bring skills and expertise.

LA Governor

Someone appointed by the Local Authority to act as a mentor to the school.

A Governor will normally serve a 4 year term from appointment. As a Governor you would be required to undertake basic training. You would be subject to the School Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment processes. You would be expected to regularly attend meetings, and to send apologies if you are unable to do so. There is usually one Full Governors meeting per term and one meeting per term for the School Improvement and Staffing, Finance & General Purposes Committees. You would be asked to serve on at least one of these two committees and potentially on other committees. We have developed an Induction policy to assist new Governors in fulfilling their role and will provide relevant support and advice, including a mentor.

Please see attached a copy of the job description for the role.

More information can be found on the website regarding the role of school governors.

Our school ethos is that we are all committed to providing the absolute best for the children and community of Brockmoor Primary. Please take a moment to review our vision and values on the home page of the School website. As a Governor you would be expected to adhere by relevant behaviour standards and uphold these values.

If you are interested in becoming a governor please feel free to contact the school for an informal chat on 01384 816635 and ask to speak to our Head Teacher, Mr Brad Jones or the School Business Manager Tracey Parsons.

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