Name Job Role Any Other Relationship with the School under a Contract of Employment or a Contract for Goods or Servicies Governerships / Directorships in Dudley Schools/Academies or in Schools/Academies in other Authorities Declartion of amy relationship that any connected person has with the school under a contract of employment or contract for goods or services
Mrs E Bond Cleaning Supervisor/Assistant Site Staff None None Son T Bond employed as Admin Assistant
T Bond Admin Assistant None None Mother E Bond employed as Site Manager and Lunchtime Superintendent
E Hamilton Higher level Teaching Assistant None None Husband Simon Hamilton, who works/runs Bounce 4 U Enterainment and Events hire premises to host children's parties.
L Kendall Teaching Assistant None None Father M Kendall, Member of Governing Body
J Parsons Casual Cleaner None None Mother T Parsons employed as School Business Manager
T Parsons School Business Manager None None Son J Parsons employed as Cleaner
H Stanton Office Manager None None Daughter D Stanton employed as Teaching Assistant
D Stanton Teaching Assistant None None Mother H Stanton employed as Office Manager
A Wellings ICT Technician None None Father D Wellings, has undertaken window cleaning at school.
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