Brockmoor Bloomers

In 2017 the school were lucky enough to build a learning and growing zone for the children with the help of money from Tesco Bags of Help Scheme and some hard working local volunteers. The volunteers decided to increase their visits to every week (from once a fortnight) as they enjoyed working with the children so much. Their ranks have also grown with some additional volunteers. This page will update you on the ongoing activities of the group. So read on.....

The children have been asked to come up with a name for our team of little growers and community volunteers. They decided upon Brockmoor Bloomers.

July 2018 - What a crop!!!!!

Today we harvested the potatoes we planted a few months ago. The children estimated how many we would have. We never expected to have 434. It was a bumper crop! We hope that next year is this successful too.

I gave the closest estimate to how many potatoes we would have. I won an eye prize for my effort and it was such fun.

All the vegetables harvested this year have been passed to Mrs Hill in the kitchen. Her team have washed, prepared and cooked the produce of our hard work. We ate potatoes, beans and tomatoes (or at least some of us did!!)

September 2018

We have had a very busy month at school in our gardening group. We voted on the name of our gardening group and we chose 'Brockmoor Bloomers'.

We have harvested lots of pumpkins and tomatoes this year. Although some of the tomatoes failed to ripen so Lorna is going to make us some chutney to try. We will be carving the pumpkins very shortly so look out for the photographs.

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