Astley Burf Day 4 & 5

Children have had a fantastic 4th day at Astley Burf. Started off with a wonderful breakfast, which Mr Wellings ate too much of...then they got ready for their walk to Stourport. Children were incredibly well behaved and all the staff couldn't be prouder! When they arrived there they all had the chance to have an ice cream but most of them had a slushy (we had a few blue tounges). When they arrived back at the site they enjoyed some free time, then had tea before a surprise water fight broke out and Mr Walters and Mr Wellings cooled down the children with a hose but overall the children won. The day was finished with a sing around the camp fire with the surprise guest being Miss Brooks. The children where all completely shattered and went to sleep without a problem. They will be packing bags in the morning and are expected back at school around 1:30pm.

Astley Burf Day 3

A super day with activities galore. All of the children did themselves justice and some of them even faced their fears. Children have been doing the high ropes, rock climbing, archery and some team games. All of the children worked well together and all of the providers where extremely complimentary of the kids! They have done amazing all day and will now be having a shower and then they will all be taking part in a quiz... which we are still figuring out the prize. Tomorrow they will be walking to Stourport and hopefully will be able to enjoy an ice cream in the sun.

Astley Burf Day 2

Children all slept well and were wide awake bright and early ready to get the day started. They enjoyed breakfast before getting ready for a walk to Witley Court. They walked for 4.5 miles which took about 3 hours, which wasn't that bad. All the children made it there safely before having a tour of the place and a nice lunch in the sun. They saw the fountain and went into a lovely church. They've just finished their tea and now having some free time before a film and a hot chocolate before bed. Tomorrow they will be on site all day doing a variety of very fun activities!

Astley Burf Day 1

All children arrived safe. They were sorted into cabins, unpacked and made their beds up for the week ahead. They then had a delicious meal before a walk around the local area, followed by a lovely tea. They are now enjoying some free time before watching a film tonight with a hot chocolate before bed in preparation for a walk to Witley Court tomorrow!

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