OFSTED - February 2019

We finally had our long overdue OFSTED inspection on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th of February 2019. Paper copies of the final report are available from the school office and from Monday 18th March the report is available to view and download from our homepage or by Googling 'OFSTED Reports' and typing in the school name.

Head Teacher's role update

Governors have appointed a committee for the appointment of our new head teacher. Applicants have been round school and this committee will be shortlisting on Tuesday 4th May. Governors hope to appoint by June 28th with a January 2020 start date in mind.  

Safeguarding our children update

Can I remind parents that this is a primary school and we will not tolerate bad language on the part of parents or carers. If parents have a disagreement take it elsewhere or better still come round to the school office so we can try to find a positive outcome together.

Reason to be cheerful in these times of unrelenting challenge - Our Easter bonnet and egg competitions

The opening of our new nursery took place on monday. It was delightful to bring all of our children down to the nursery outdoor area for a special assembly to celebrate.

What's On: Week beginning Monday 24th June

Following on from lour recent Safer Internet Week in school can we remind parents and carers to limit screen time on phones, tablets and computers to one hour per night (and not direclty before bedtime). This is the medical advice we should all follow. 

Our fortnightly value for the weeks beginning June 17th and 24th is 'taking ownership of our our learning'.   

Our song for the week to support our taking ownership of learning is The Jackson 5's 'ABC'.  

Monday 24th June - Reception to Year 1 transition for children (parents not needed!)

Tuesday 25th June - Reception and Year 5 MUFTI for jars for the Summer Fete on Saturday. Reception are on their trip to The Hippodrome on Wednesday and Year 5 travel to Wordsley so need to be in uniform on that day. 

Tuesdays up to the penultimate (last but 1 week of term) - Y6 swimming sessions at The Wordsley School. 

Tuesdays - pm Building on their Careers Week Y6 are having a series of Business Enterprise workshops in school.

Tuesdays - After school Reception fine motor skills club (see Reception team for details) & Y4 reading boosters (see Miss Brooks for details).  

Wednesday 26th June - MUFTI for Years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 in return for donations to the Summer Fete this Saturday.  

Wednesday 26th June - This is the new date for the Y5 trip to Dudley e-zone.

Wednesday 26th June - Reception trip to Birmingham Hippodrome to see 'The Gruffalo'. Can children come in through the Reception entrance (back of school no later than 8:30 please).  

Wednesday 26th June - Our Specialist Nursery travel to Little Owls.

Wednesday activity - 9:20 Adult learning classes (please see Mrs Stanton in the school office for details as it's not too late to sign-up now).

Wednesday 26th June - 6Walters & 3Gibbons have Forest Schools (old clothes are needed to change into). 

Wednesdays - Y4 cornets lessons (during the school day).

Thursday 27th and Friday 28th - Interviews and hopefully the appointment of our new head teacher. 

Thursday 27th June - Nursery to Reception transition at 10:00 and 2:00 (no parents are needed!)

Thursday 27th June - Y1 trip to Twycross Zoo. Can children please come in via Y1 classrooms no later than 8:30.

Thursday 27th June - Y6 Viking Day in the school hall. As the hall is in use NO Sunshine Club this week. 

Thursday 27th June - Y5 masterclass at The Wordsley School. Children come to Brockmoor as normal and will be transported there.

Thursday 27th June - Y4 cookery in school on the afternoon. 

Thursday 27th June - Year 6 begin afternoon gymnastics session for 12 children chosen by the coach.  

Thursday clubs  - This is the last week of the Y2 phonics and Y4 IT clubs. Due to the trip there is NO Y1 writing club.

Friday 28th - Due to headship interviews no Reading Buddies. However this desperately needs parent volunteers who are willing to spend half an hour from 9:00 to 9:30 listening to children read. If you're interested simply approach Mrs Lester in Year 2.

Fridays up to the penultimate week of term - Y6 swimming again at The Wordsley School.

Fridays - Y5 drumming lessons! This is during the school day.

Fridays - After school Y4-6 football club (new registration needed - letters are available via the school office). 

Friday homework - One of the many decisions made during our visioning day that took place in January was to change the way in which we set homework. The reason for this is we put an awful lot of effort into setting, collecting and marking homework for actually very little impact. Indeed the children who most need to do the homework are often those who are least likely to hand it in! So from now on children will be set weekly spellings to learn every Friday, a times table to practice and we actively encourage you to please listen to your child read at least three times a week, discussing the content with them. Guidance on how to help at home is in the 'Parent's pencil tab. Practicing these basic skills genuinely makes a difference. For those of you who don't YOU are holding your child back!

Saturday 29th June - Our Summer Fayre from 12:00 to 3:00.

What's coming over the hill? Dates for your diary

Crestwood Secondary School are proposing changes to their school day. From September they are looking to open at 8:45 every day. On Monday through to Thursday they would close at 3:30. The longer days would then allow them to close at 1:45 on a Friday. If you want your say please follow the consultation link from their website homepage. 

Wednesday 3rd July - Crestwood Secondary and The Wordsley School induction days for Y6 children who are going there in September. 

Thursday 4th July - KS2 Sports from around 9:00 to 11:00.

Friday 5th July - KS1 Sports from around 9:00 to 11:00. 

Friday 5th July - Y5 drumming performance to parents and carers from 10:45 in the school hall. 

Week beginning 8th July is our Astley Burf residential week. Places will be first offered to our Year 5 children with any spare places then offered to Year 4 children.

Monday 8th July - Nursery trip to Telford Wonderland. 

Monday 15th July - Our Transition Day so that children can be with their September teachers.  

Wednesday 17th July - Y6 leavers assembly from 9:00. Family members most welcome. 

Thursday 18th July - Our end of year Shining Stars assembly from 9:00 (invitation only). 

Thursday 18th July - Year 6 leavers party and sleepover in school.

Friday 19th July - The last day of the 2018-19 academic year. School closes at normal times for all children except Year 6 who can be collected at 1:00. It's also Mr Jones's last day with the children (although he will be working in school over the holiday period).

Wednesday 4th September - School re-opens for children. Staff training is taking place on Monday and Tuesday but anxious children can pop in between 1:00 and 2:30 on Tuesday 3rd if it helps settle their nerves about the new school year. Our Pastoral Care Team will also be on hand to discuss any concerns parents or carers may have. 

Monday 23rd September - School photos day (details to follow).

Tuesday 7th January, 2020 - Our school pantomime is 'Robin Hood'. Again we hope to offer this free to children and only a £1 for parents. 

What's On in Dudley - The Family Information Service website shares what's on in our town. Simply click on the link below.


Please note that from Monday 19th November the Norwood Road gated entrance will not be opened until 8:20. Breakfast Club children will need to be brought in through the Belle Isle entrance to school. This is for safeguarding purposes.

Please note due to the building work on our new Nursery now starting both Reception classrooms will need to come in and go out of the entrance next to the library. We've tried to delay this for as long as is possible. 

Our Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club runs from 8:00 until the start of the school day. Each session costs £1.50. If you are interested in a place please pop in and ask for a booking form or speak to Mrs Gutteridge (our learning mentor).

Lunchtime arrangements

With growing pupil numbers and the building works that are taking place across school we have lost our Early Years outdoor area and a chunk of our KS1 playground. Consequently we're having to tweak lunchtime arrangements as follows: Reception lunch runs from 11:30 to 12:30, KS1 from 11:50 to 12:50, KS2 from 12:10 to 1:05. This is for every day of the week.

Keeping our children safe

Can we remind parents and carers that if you allow children in your care onto the adventure playgrounds before or after school their supervision and safety is your responsibility not ours. It is Parent/Carers responsibility to make sure the conditions are safe for use. Children should be in your line of sight at all times and are not allowed in the Forest Schools Area.

Nursery updates

The children who had 30 hours of 'wraparound care' have settled particularly well into our Reception classes. If you are in receipt of certain benefits you are entitled to this 30 hours of free nursery provision. Simply pop into the school office or speak to Mrs Holtham, our Nursery champion, for more information.

We raised £311 for the Poppy Appeal organised by Brierley Hill British Legion. This was the second largest amount raised in the Brierley Hill Township. The British Legion value our friendship so much that all of the slapband rulers they had were sent to Brockmoor!

Our School Choir sang at the Moor Centre on Friday 9th November as part of Brierley Hill's Remembrance weekend. Mrs Lester has said how proud she was of the children and that they were a credit to the school. As always thanks go out to Mrs Lester and Mrs Hickman for their passion for singing here at Brockmoor. 

A huge thank you to everyone who made a donation to our Harvest Festival. 10 crates and 24 large carrier bags of food have been passed to the needy of Brierley Hill through St John's Church thanks to your generosity.

Our analysis of the annual Parent Questionnaire is really positive. We had over 160 families respond and overall parents and carers view of the school is very positive. Whilst once again concerns around bullying are your biggest concern this has reduced from last year (and that was a reduction on the previous year). The full picture will be placed in the 'About Us' pencil tab of our website this week.

We are particularly proud of the way in which children were able to talk about how they want to support British Values at Brockmoor during our recent 'In your hands' theatre show and workshops. Children spoke passionately about freedom of speech, the rules we follow, respect and tolerance.

Brockmoor Primary School is committed to a 'FISH Philosophy'. Here are the four steps to a 'Fish Philosophy'.

1. 'Choose your Attitude' - however well or badly your day starts it's up to you to choose the right attitude. Other's won't know what's going on in your mind but they have a right to be treated with respect and dignity even if you're having a bad day. Parents often ask me why I'm so jolly and welcoming even on the gloomiest of days. The answer is simple, I choose to be!

2. 'Be Present' - This means that when someone's talking to you you put down the tablet or phone, turn away from the telly or computer and look and really listen. This improves communication no end and makes people feel valued. 

3. 'Make Their Day' - I always try to go out of my way to go the extra mile for people. You can't do it for everybody all of the time but if you share this around people feel valued. It's part of the reason why we are such a caring school. And why do we do it? If you have a 'Pay it Forwards' mentality it will make the world a better place for us all. 

4. 'Play' - All the research strongly shows that allowing yourself time to enjoy what you really like or just playing improves mood and increases productivity. Whenever I have the time I try to play dodgeball with the older children at the end of lunchtime. The children love it and so do I. It also puts a spring in my step for the afternoon and reminds me who I am really here to serve.  

For adults this is how you can use the 'Fish Philosphy'.

Having Your Say - Your comments, concerns and feedback

We have just added online feedback forms on our website for our Parent Voice group (in the Parents tab) and Governors (who have their own tab on the homepage). There is a simple online form that can be completed in seconds. This will be picked up by Mrs Manning who is clerk to both the governing body and our Parent Voice group. Ideally any concerns are best met by coming into school to discuss them but we recognise that there are times this may be difficult for parents and carers. Please be mindful this is not the vehicle to raise complaints about school or staff it's more to do with helping us improve our school.

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