School Angel

What is it?

School Angel offers a free community fundraising platform which helps our school raise funds to benefit all our pupils.

Why are we involved?

Our children work really hard during the school day and at break times it is important that they get to continue their learning in whatever way they chose. Whether that is being creative (building/drawing) or being physically active (sports/games). Any funds raised will be used to purchase playground equipment to further their development.

How can you help?

You can help us raise money by simply doing your normal online shopping using our School Angel shopping page (see link below). The biggest and best UK brands support the charity by donating a proportion of their profit on anything you buy from our fundraising page to our school. It literally can be anything, for example, holidays, workman's tools, your next mobile phone, home utilities or any other conceivable thing you might buy.

If you access our School Angel Page below you will see the retailers where you can earn cashback for the school. You can simply click on them to access their site and place your order as usual. It is important that you do it in this way as that is what records the cashback for us. if you go directly to the retailer any cashback would be lost.

Thank you for your continued support.

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