Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

To make sure that every child is safe, happy and learning.

Our Values

At Brockmoor we value learning, compassion and every child's right to a childhood. We plan for our children's futures knowing that we have customized our school to meet the needs of our children. We try to deliver a curriculum that is relevant, appropriate and exciting. This is brought to life in an environment which is warm, welcoming and highly conductive in stimulating childrens achievement. Our drive is to provide every child with the experiences and opportunities to feel successful and value learning as the gateway to future success. The school's vision is that every child should be safe, happy and learning and this is clearly shared with our children and their families. This vision will be achieved by us, as adults, ensuring essential core skills are learnt and by modelling the right way to be through our unflinching commitment to develop character in our children. As part of our vision and values training we listened to the views of children, parents, governors and staff and will focus on developing the following character in our children:

Honesty: To take responsibility for our actions.

Pride: In themselves, their uniform, their work and their school)Courage (to do the right thing even if it's at a personal cost.

Belief: In their ability to make progress and right to be unique.

Passion: For learning and compassion for one another.

Respect: For learning, themselves, staff, parents, carers and for difference.

Resilience: So as to face challenges and find ways to overcome or accept them.

Each of these values are important to us as a school. We regularly refer to them and expect everyone who visits our school to commit to these principles. By the time a child leaves Brockmoor Primary School we hope to have developed the personal qualities we expect, respect, understanding and tolerance.

And why this is so important to us?

We acknowledge that often society isn't fair but at Brockmoor our focus is on doing all we can to close the gap. Our job is to remove any barriers that are in the way, to ensure every child makes accelerated progress from their starting point. We want every child, regardless of background or ability to reach their potential.

The vast majority of pupils at Brockmoor live in the top 10% of social deprivation, which could mean:

1. Girls living in social deprivation have a life expectancy of 7 years less than the National Average. For boys it's 9 years less. That means a child born here may live 8 fewer years than a child born two miles away in Kingswinford!

2. Only 3% of children living in social deprivation currently go on to university.

3. In the UK social mobility is at its lowest point for more than a generation.

We know that sometimes people limit expectations and use excuses as to why some children can't achieve.

Our School Rules

> Work Hard and Be Nice

> We expect everyone to try their best in every lesson and to put the effort in to achieve their potential.

> We expect everyone to be kind, calm, polite, pleasant and personable.

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