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Our Staff Information

Key Information

Staff Declaration of Interests: This details any business interests declared by our staff.

Links for Staff: A list of website links for staff.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mr R. Bond (Head Teacher)

Ms C. McConomy (Deputy Head Teacher)

Mr T. Amphlett (Assistant Head Teacher)

Miss F. Dudley (Assistant Head Teacher)

Mrs T. Parsons (Business Manager)

Safeguarding and Pastoral Team

Mr R. Bond (Head Teacher - Designated Safeguarding Lead - Pastoral Team)

Mrs L. Duffin (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Pastoral Team)

Ms H. Stanton (Additional DSL - Pastoral Team)

Mrs T. Lester (Additional DSL)

Ms B. Manning (Additional DSL - Pastoral Team)

Mrs J. Gutteridge (Learning Mentor - Pastoral Team)

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Team

Miss A. Bevan (Nursery & Reception Phase Leader)


Mrs A. McCarthy (Nursery Lead/Teacher)

Mrs S. Attwood (Nursery Teaching Assistant)

Miss H. Ghuman (Nursery Teaching Assistant)

Mrs R. Harris (Nursery Teaching Assistant)

Mrs C. Sherrington (Nursery Teaching Assistant)


Miss A. Bevan (Reception Teacher)

Mrs E. Hamilton (Reception Teacher)

Miss S. Bamford (Reception Teaching Assistant)

Miss D. Stanton (Reception Teaching Assistant)

Miss C. Roberts (Reception Teaching Assistant)

Key Stage 1 (KS1) Team

Mrs T. Lester (Year 1 & 2 Phase Leader)


Miss R. Bodman (Year 1 Teacher)

Mrs S. Bishop (Year 1 Teacher)

Mrs C. Hickman (Year 1 Teacher)

Mrs D. Hyde (Year 1 Teacher)

Miss J. Adams (Year 1 Teaching Assistant)

Miss H. Goodwin (Year 1 Teaching Assistant)


Mrs T. Lester (Year 2 Teacher)

Miss L. Taylor (Year 2 Teacher)

Miss M. Bibi (Year 2 Teaching Assistant)

Miss L. Kendall (Year 2 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs S. Powles (Year 2 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs K. Smith (Year 2 Teaching Assistant)

Lower Key Stage 2 (KS2) Team

Miss S. Brooks (Year 3, 4, 5 Phase Leader)


Miss J. Ali (Year 3 Teacher)

Mr J. Legg (Year 3 Teacher)

Mrs S. Goodship (Year 3 Teacher)

Mrs J. Parkes (Year 3 Teaching Assistant)


Mrs D. Baker (Year 4 Teacher)

Mr J. Parnell (Year 4 Teacher)

Mrs S. Bytheway (Year 4 Teacher)

Mr R. Bartlett (Year 4 Teaching Assistant)


Mrs S. Brooks (Year 5 Teacher)

Miss L. Gibbons (Year 5 Teacher)

Miss R. Bell (Year 5 Teaching Assistant)

Miss A. Goodall (Year 5 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs R. Lakin (Year 5 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs S. Mysk (Year 5 Teaching Assistant)

Upper Key Stage 2 (KS2) Team

Mrs E. Senior (Year 6 Teacher)

Mr T. Amphlett (Year 6 Teacher)

Miss L. Whitehouse (Year 6 Teacher)


Mrs G. Payne (Year 6 Teaching Assistant)

Miss S. Snowden (Year 6 Teaching Assistant)

Administration and IT Team

Mrs T. Parsons (Business Manager)

Ms H. Stanton (Office Manager)

Mrs L. Baker (School Secretary)

Ms B. Manning (PA to Head Teacher)

Mr T. Bond (IT Technician)

Lunchtime Dinner Supervisors & Kitchen Staff

Mrs S. Thompson (Lunchtime Superintendent)

Miss H. Ahmed (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Miss R. Heeks (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs J. Murray (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Miss S. Smout (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs D. Taylor (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs J. Tolley (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Miss L. Wood (Lunchtime Supervisor)


Mrs Hill (Catering Manager)

Miss L. Edwards (Catering Assistant)

Mrs J. Davies (Catering Assistant)

Mrs A. Woodcock (Catering Assistant)

Site and Cleaning Team

Mrs E. Bond (Site Manager)

Mr T. Wright (Facilities Operative)


Mrs A. Hadlington (Cleaner Supervisor)

Mrs E. Brookes (Cleaner)

Mrs D. Primer (Cleaner)

Mrs S. Thompson (Cleaner

Mrs J. Westwood (Cleaner)

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