Our Employed Staff

Here you can find a full list of our employed staff members and their declaration of interests.

Key Information

Staff Declaration of Interests: This details any business interests declared by our staff.

Staff Organisational Chart: Our organisational chart shows details of our staffing structure.

Links for Staff: A list of website links for staff.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mr Bond: Head Teacher
Mrs Jones: Deputy Head Teacher, SENDCo, Assessment Co-Ordinator
Mr Walters: Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs Parsons: Business Manager

Pastoral & Safeguarding Team

Mr Bond: Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Ms Duffin: Deputy DSL

Ms Manning: Deputy DSL

Ms Stanton: Deputy DSL

Ms Gutteridge: Deputy DSL

Ms Lester: Deputy DSL

Administration and Site Staff

Mrs Parsons: Business Manager

Ms Manning: PA to Head

Ms Stanton: Office Manager

Ms Baker: School Secretary

Mr Bond: IT Technician

Mrs Bond: Site Manager

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Staff

Mrs Holtham: EYFS Leader (Early Years Foundation Stage), Nursery Teacher

Ms Ghuman: Teaching Assistant, Nusery

Ms Harris: Teaching Assistant, Nursery

Ms Hunt: Teaching Assistant, Nursery

Ms Hyde: Reception Teacher

Ms Plant: Reception Teacher

Ms Sutch: Reception Teacher

Ms Adams: Teaching Assistant, Reception

Ms Attwood: Teaching Assistant, Reception

Ms Powles: Teaching Assistant, Reception

Ms Shakespeare: Teaching Assistant, Reception

Key Stage 1 (KS1) - Years 1 & 2 Staff

Ms Lester: Years 1 & 2 Phase Leader, Year 2 Teacher

Ms Taylor: Year 2 Teacher

Ms Bevan: Year 1 Teacher

Ms Hamilton: Year 1 Teacher

Ms Hickman: Year 1 Teacher

Ms Stanton: Teaching Assistant

Ms Kendall: Teaching Assistant

Ms Bamford: Teaching Assistant

Ms Fisher: Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 2 (KS2) - Years 3 & 4 Staff

Ms Brooks: Year 3&4 Phase Leader, Year 3 Teacher

Ms Baker: Year 4 Teacher

Ms Gibbons: Year 4 Teacher

Ms Ali: Year 3 Teacher

Ms Southan: Year 3 Teacher

Ms Bell: Teaching Assistant

Ms Farmer: Teaching Assistant

Ms Goodall: Teaching Assistant

Ms Lakin: Teaching Assistant

Ms Parkes: Teaching Assistant

Ms Goodwin: Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 2 (KS2) - Years 5 & 6 Staff

Mr Walters: Year 5&6 Phase Leader, Year 6 Teacher

Ms Whitehouse: Year 6 Teacher

Ms Senior: Year 6 Teacher

Ms McCormack: Year 5 Teacher

Ms Bytheway: Year 5 Teacher

Ms Goodship: Year 5 Teacher

Ms Payne: Teaching Assistant

Ms Smith: Teaching Assistant

Ms Snowden: Teaching Assistant

Dinner Supervisors & Cleaning Staff

Mrs Bond: Site Manager

Ms Hadlington: Cleaner

Ms Brooks: Cleaner

Ms Brant: Cleaner

Ms Thompson: Lunchtime Superintendent

Ms Murray: Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Smout: Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Tolley: Lunchtime Supervisor

Kitchen Catering Staff

Ms Hill: Catering Manager

Ms Edwards: Catering Assistant

Ms Davies: Catering Assistant

Ms Woodcock: Catering Assistant

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