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Governor Information

Within this section you can find out who are governors are, the current appointed governors and structure, their declaration of interests and existing governor committees.

Welcome Message from the Chair of Governors

I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Lorna Morrison, last term I was elected by the Governing Body to be Chair of Governors, taking on the role from Helen Yorke.

My involvement with the school goes back four years now to the time when the gardening zone was established. Every year since then groups of pupils have successfully grown vegetables and flowers.

Last February I was invited to serve as a school governor. I agreed to do so as I felt I could contribute to the well-being of the school. Although I have been retired for several years my working life spent in management and administration enables me understand many of the issues involved in the school's organisation.

This year will see the school dealing with the challenges presented by last year's Ofsted report. Everyone associated with the school - staff, parents, volunteers - will become aware of rapid changes taking place. As Chair of the Governing Body I have complete confidence in the ability of our Head, Mr Bond, and his staff to deliver the improvements required to provide every pupil with the best possible education in an environment which is kindly and caring.

Brockmoor Primary School children are fantastic and have so much potential. It is the responsibility of the Governing Body to create an ethos of enthusiasm for learning that is infectious and that helps our pupils to develop life skills, such as resilience and the ability to work together, in preparation for secondary school.

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