Free School Meals Entitlement

Important Notice: There is a national scam regarding requests for personal information for payment of Free School Meals (FSM). Parents are receiving emails requesting bank details so they can receive their payment. No one from the Government or Dudley Local Authority will ask for your bank details by email, nor should you click on any links within an email unless you know the sender.

For the latest information regarding Free School Meals and FSM Food Vouchers during this time, please Click Here.

If you child will be attending school and will require a Grab Bag, please fill out your child's Grab Bag Order Form before 9am on the day your child is to attend. You can find the Order Form by Clicking Here.

How to Apply for Free School Meals

If you do not currently receive Free School Meals but wish to check your eligibility, please contact the relevant team at Dudley Council on 01384 817011. They are able to take applications for Free School Meals over the phone.
As soon as we are notified of your eligibility, we can begin issuing you with supermarket voucher codes for your eligible children. This will also attract additional funding for your child(ren) once they are back in school, it is important that you apply as soon as your circumstances change.

Free School Meals and FSM Vouchers

Under the advisement of the Department of Education (DfE), we have registered on a new scheme for Free School Meals (FSM). This scheme uses Edenred to distribute 'Free School Meal Vouchers' to our families whose children are entitled to Free School Meals.

From Sunday 12th April 2020 and onwards, you will receive one weekly e-code by email which will cover your child for the following week. Each child is eligible for a £15.00 voucher, so if you have a single child eligible for Free School Meals you will receive a voucher worth £15.00, if you two  eligible children you will receive a Voucher worth £30.00.

You cannot use your Free School Meal Voucher directly with eligible supermarkets, you must first head to the Government managed Free School Meals page and enter your code. You will then be able to exchange your e-code with any of the listed eligible supermarkets for an egift card which can only be used with your selected supermarket. This egift card will then be emailed to you and can be used either in-store at the chosen supermarket or online for eligible supermarkets (Please see the FAQs for whose eligible for online ordering).

If you lack the means of accessing the site, please contact the school who may be able to help.

If you are in real crisis and have no other support, either from family or friends; then please contact the Dudley Council for Voluntary Services helpline on 01384 573381.

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