Forest Schools


What is Forest School and why is it Important

Forest school is  an opportunity for your child to experience nature and the outdoor environment in  a safe, secure and hands on way.   Our forest is a small  woodland situated on the school site.  The area contains a meeting area, a fire pit square, digging area, mud kitchen, balancing beams and tyres and a large open area (planted with trees, shrubs and wild flowers). A mixture of poplars, silver birch and birch provide a top canopy with a variety bushes and shrubs giving plenty of lower level cover.  There are old wood piles to attract insects and small mammals.  Squirrels and birds are evident everywhere! The children are encouraged to investigate and explore showing respect to all living things.

Children learn best from first hand experiences.  Exploring, playing and learning through a range of activities (both designed by the Forest School leaders (Mrs Bond and Mrs Gutteridge) and instigated by the children themselves is what Forest School is all about.  Building a sense of independence, self-esteem and team work  are important parts of Forest School, but health and safety considerations are always of paramount importance. A permission slip must be filled in before a child can attend.

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