How we are Supporting Critical Workers and our Vulnerable Children

From today, schools will be closed except for children of critical workers and the most vulnerable. We must ensure NHS staff are able to access school places. Don't take a place you don't need. Be responsible. Keep your kids at home.

Quoted by Gavin Williamson.

Click Here, for the latest advice and guidance on school closures, critical workers and vulnerable children.

As of this time, Brockmoor Primary School will no longer be open for the majority of our pupils as part of the Governments response to COVID-19. Instead the school will be offering a limited number of places for the children of Critical Workers and our most vulnerable of children.

Please keep in mind that there is no longer a requirement for parents to take up the offer of a school placement during this time. If you can keep your children at home safely you should do so, even if you are considered to be a Critical Worker. You should only consider sending your children to school if you are unable to keep them at home safely and meet the following critiera:

  • You are not able to keep your child at home safely; in this case you should contact the school as soon as possible to discuss what could potentially be done regarding this.
  • You child is Vulnerable as according to the Government criteria.
  • You are considered to be a Critical Worker as according to the Government definition and you are unable keep them at home safely.

If you are unsure if you are a Critical Worker or not, please use the below diagram.

If you are unable to keep your child at home safely during this time and are considered to be a Critical Worker, please complete the Critical Worker Reques Form by Clicking Here.

How to apply for your child's placement

If you are still unsure or have any further enquires, please see our Contact Details page on how you can still contact us, by Clicking Here.

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