Attendance and Opening Times

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Morning Times

Though the playground may be accessed by pupils and parents before the school building opens, we expect pupils below year 5 to be accompanied with their parent or suitable guardian.

Breakfast club opens at 8:00am for children whose parents have pre-booked them to attend. Children for Breakfast club can not be left unsupervised by parents until 8:00am and have been passed to the Breakfast Club staff.

The main building opens at 8:45am, NUrsery at 8:30am with the doors promptly closed at 8:55am. It is important you ensure your children have arrived into school during this time period or else they risk being late for their morning mark.

The gates will be locked at 9:00am so please ensure you have vacated the playground before this time.

Afternoon Opening and Closing Times

The playground will be accessible for parents to wait at around 3:00pm.

Your children will be released from class at 3:15pm or Nursery children 3:30pm. Please ensure you are ready at the school to collect your child for this time. If you are going to be late to pick up your child, please let the front office know as soon as possible.

Gates should be locked for 3:30pm to 3:45pm so please ensure you have collected your children and vacated the grounds as soon as possible.

If your child attends a school club which runs later then 3:15pm, you will be expected to pick up your child at the arranged time according to the specific club at the front office. Please ensure you are ready at the arranged time to collect your child.

If your child attends after-school club, which is separate from general school clubs like sport club; you can collect your child up to 5:30pm. Please ensure you have collected your child before this time.
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