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Remote Learning Support Form

If your child does not have access to either the Internet or a suitable electronic device for Remote Learning from Home, please complete the Remote Learning Support Form linked at the bottom of this page. Suitable computing devices include: Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone or similar device.

By submitting the linked form below, you are stating you have read, understood and have agreed to the Brockmoor Loan Agreement as stated below. Once your application has been processed, a member of Brockmoor Primary School Staff will get in touch with you to update you on the result of your application.

Please Note: Any devices or equipment supplied by the school to support your child's Remote Learning from Home is LOANED, and will be required to be returned to the school in full working order on on request. Also devices available for loan are strictly limited to availability.

Brockmoor Loan Agreement

This Loan Agreement has been made and entered into, by and between Brockmoor Primary School and the named responsible person.

Purpose of Agreement

The named responsible person, wishes to be loaned from Brockmoor Primary School a list of school owned items they can take offsite. The items must be stated alongside their intended purpose on the back of this document for the Head Teacher to review.

Responsible Person

The named responsible person must only sign this agreement if they are prepared to take full responsibility for the loaned items while this agreement remains active. Until they have returned the loaned items and the agreement has been closed, the named person remains responsible for those loaned items.

Loan Period

The responsible person must state a return date on the back of this document before it can be validated. By adding a return date, they are stating they will return the loaned items by that date. If they are unable to do so, prior notice must be given so a reasonable alternative date may be set. Failure to give notice or failure to return the loaned items by the alterative date risks this agreement being considered unfulfilled.


While this agreement is active; the responsible person must abide by the following points:

  • While the loaned items are not in use, they must be stored within a safe and secure location.
  • The Responsible Person by signing this agreement has agreed to take full responsibility for any damage or misuse that may be caused to the loaned items. Any damage, misuse, lost or stolen loaned items must be reported to the school and if appropriate the police.
  • The responsible person will abide by all relevant policies including: Acceptable Use Policy, Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and E-Safety Policy.


Failure to comply with this agreement and the relevant policies listed within this agreement, risks the responsible person breaking this agreement and being liable to pay the school the costs of repairing or replacing the loaned items. In serious breaches of this agreement or listed relevant policies may risk prosecution from the police.

Validation of this Agreement

This agreement is only considered validate once the Head Teacher, has reviewed and signed the appropriate section on the back of this document.

Closing the Agreement

This agreement is only considered closed once the Head Teacher, has signed the appropriate section on the back of this document and has stated the agreement to be fulfilled or not.

Remote Learning from Home Support Form

You can apply for the extra support by Clicking Here.

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